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Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 14
Release date: Oct 23 2008
Last update date: Mar 17 2012
Access: Public
Chemicals: Phosphates, Vancomycin
Dataset link Transcriptional profiles of Staphylococcus aureus strains in the presence of the lantibiotic mersacidin.

Experimental Protocol

In this experiment, the transcriptomic response of S. aureus was assayed via microarray analysis. To this end, S. aureus strains SA137/93A [mersacidin MIC 35 mg/L] and SA137/93G [mersacidin MIC 30 mg/L] were grown without or with mersacidin [16 mg/L] to determine the genes being induced or repressed by the lantibiotic. SA137/93G was additionally grown in the presence of 4 mg/L mersacidin. Furthermore, the highly susceptible S. aureus strain SG511 [mersacidin MIC 1 mg/L] was also grown without or with mersacidin [1 mg/L]. Each experiment was performed 4 times including a dye swap resulting in four chips per competitive comparison to increase reproducibility. Only strain SA137/93G incubated with 0.2 x MIC of mersacidin was reproduced in duplicate. All hybridizations were done with equal amounts of cDNA probes displaying similar picomoles of incorporated dye.








Peter Sass

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