Dataset features


Application: Peptide array analysis
Number of samples: 28
Release date: Aug 26 2015
Last update date: Aug 26 2015
Access: Public
Diseases: Neoplasms
Dataset link Post-vaccination serum anti-glycan IgM antibodies of 28 subjects in a clinical trial of PROSTVAC-VF, a therapeutic cancer vaccine. (Dilution = 1:50)

Experimental Protocol

The overall study was a retrospective analysis of 141 subjects from phase II trials of PROSTVAC-VF, a poxvirus based cancer vaccine currently in phase III clinical trials for advanced prostate cancer. The subjects were divided into a training set (n=28) and a validation set (n=113). A glycan microarray was used to profile pre-vaccination and post-vaccination anti-glycan antibody populations in sera as potential biomarkers for PROSTVAC-VF. For both the training set and validation set, the anti-glycan profiles were measured using four variations of serum dilution and isotype specific secondary antibody (IgM at 1:50, IgG at 1:50, total Ig at 1:50, and total Ig at 1:200). IgM levels for the training set measured at serum dilution of 1:50 are detailed here. The screen for response biomarkers identified anti-glycan humoral responses that consistently stratified subjects into groups with different Kaplan Meier survival estimates. Raw data on SuperSeries GSE50410 record.