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Helping you to handle your biomedical data

The key to effective computational biology is selecting the right tools. Biologists today spend a lot of time analyzing data. With software being poorly documented and difficult to locate on the web, picking the right tools to do this can be a time-sink.

OMICtools was launched in 2013 by Arnaud Desfeux, a PhD in neurobiology and founder of omicX, to address this global challenge and offer an effective way of discovering bioinformatics tools. OMICtools is driven by biologists and computational scientists with input from all corners of the scientific community, including developers, programmers, biomedical researchers, and clinicians.

OMICtools strives to accelerate research in bioinformatics, making tools accessible to everyone and offering a stimulating work environment to assist life scientists extracting new findings from the omics data.

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Our team has strong technical and scientific bioinformatics expertise, with a diverse range of backgrounds.

Strategic Management

A driven team, sustaining a culture of innovation and planning for the future.

  • Arnaud Desfeux, PhD CEO and Founder
  • Marion Denorme, PhD Chief operating officer
  • Fabien Pichon, PhD Chief technology officer
  • Christophe Mazars Accounting officer
  • Sarah Mackenzie, PhD Communications officer
  • Christal Chambost Executive assistant
  • Marine Le Mercier Grants manager


Extracting insights from scientific data and giving them meaning to help you to better understand the biological revolution.

  • Emeric Dynomant Data scientist
  • Aurélien Quillet, PhD Bioinformatician
  • Clément Garcia Bioinformatician

Data Curation

Harvesting the web to find bioinformatics tools and render them visible and easy to locate in our database.

  • Cyrille Petit, PhD Biocurator
  • Émeline Duquenne Biocurator
  • Elhadji Thioune, PhD Biocurator
  • Sébastien Faye Biocurator
  • Fanny Hardier Data librarian
  • Léa Segas Data librarian
  • David Tixier Data librarian
  • Aminata Sène Data librarian
  • Perrine Brianchon Data librarian
  • Émilie Gondouin Data entry operator

Web Development

Constantly designing and implementing features into our interface to improve usability.

  • Simon Fihue Web developer
  • Angelo Mahrouchi Web developer
  • Boris Bidaux Web developer
  • Jérémy Vain Web developer
  • Emmanuel Quevillon DevOps
  • Ulrich Moutoussamy Web designer

Digital Marketing

Expanding visibility of the platform in scientific channels to build the site’s audience and engage the community.

  • Germain Hiron Community manager
  • Nicolas Jacquet Traffic manager
  • Hélène Perrin, PhD Scientific writer

Interested in joining omicX?

If you are interested in working where you can have immediate impact on the company's future, we would love to talk to you. Whether your background is in bioinformatics, life science or webdesign, sure we can match your skills to our needs.

  • About - communication Lateral communication Our small team works closely to promote collective intelligence and knowledge transfer.
  • About - environment Stimulating environment The team is young, active and passionate. We cultivate an open-minded and informal office culture.
  • About - innovation Open innovation Creativity is encouraged and all input is valued.
  • About - collaboration Collaborative framework Workflows are organized by project, driven by the team to facilitate innovation and support problem solving.

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