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OMICtools bridges the gap between researchers and tool developers.

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Ask biological questions, get computational answers.

Don’t be overrun by omics data. Our search engine guides you to choose the right tool. All results are ranked by relevance according to the users need.

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explore our omics knowledge database to retrieve software and data via an intuitive search interface

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save time and access relevant information about tool specifications

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get social metrics and user feedback to find the best omic tool to suit your purposes

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Work together. Connect with users. Share your experience.

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OMICtools brings together an interactive worldwide user community, linking expert curators who submit, review and categorize tools, to users who strengthen the interface by bringing feedback and reviews.

Join thousands of life scientists, computational biologists and software developers who use our database and search engine to stay informed about research tools, expand your audience, and get user feedback.

Join the community and choose the role that suits you.

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As a scientific expert, you manage your own field of interest. You can submit and edit tools, propose categories, review the tools, offer user support and highlight tools issues.

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Make your skills visible and speed up your scientific career.



OMICtools: an informative directory for multi-omic data analysis

Involvement, expertise, and quality

OMICtools. We work on it every day.

Management and strategy

A driven team, sustaining a culture of innovation and planning the scientific future.

Data curation

Harvesting the web to find omic tools and render them visible and searchable, reaching the community and engaging in discussions to make your tools visible.

All tools are manually curated.

Web developement and design

Design and implement development tasks for an improved search experience.

The company

OMICtools is operated by omicX, a registered business at 72 rue de la République, Le Petit-Quevilly 76140, France
Registration number (SIRET): 79020200600025

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