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Acronym & term extraction software tools | Biomedical text mining

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iSimp / A Sentence Simplification System for Biomedical Text
Provides simplified text to enhance the performance of Natural language processing (NLP) systems and text mining (TM) applications. iSimp denotes simplified sentences in a corpus file, along with the annotation of simplification constructs in the original sentence. It uses shallow parsing and recursive transition networks to detect all forms of simplifications. This tool is able to detect six types of simplification constructs: coordination, relative clause, apposition, introductory phrase, subordinate clause and parenthetical element.
CASPER / Clean Suppress and Rewrite
The identification of biomedical terms in natural language is essential for information extraction from text. Seventeen term rewrite and suppress rules were implemented to increase the number of terms in the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) suitable for text mining. By rewriting and suppressing the UMLS (and thereby increasing its recall and precision) it becomes more suitable for biomedical text mining purposes, such as information retrieval and knowledge discovery.
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