Dataset features


Dataset type: Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array, Variation
Number of samples: 16
Release date: Nov 3 2016
Last update date: Apr 6 2017
Access: Public
Dataset link Analysis of transgenerational effects on DNA copy number aberrations in male mice exposed to continuous 20mGy/day gamma-rays for 400 days (Primary screening for 0mGyB family)

Experimental Protocol

Two-condition experiment, C57BL/6JNrs tail tissue non-irradiated male (0mGyBM), female (0mGyBF) and their progenies (0mGyB1 to 0mGyB6) vs. reference male mouse. We irradiated and non irradiated male mice (C57BL/6JNrs) for 400 days and cross to non irradiated female mice (C57BL/6JNrs) and got F1 mice. After they dead the DNA were prepared from their tails. At first, primary screening using 1M oligo-microarray was performed. The array was mounted autosomal fragment at intervals of an average about 3kb. Two-condition experiment, mice tail tissue irradiated or non-irradiated male, female and their progenies vs. reference male mouse. This reference male mouse was from the same colony used in this experiment. Twice by changing the labeling color Cy3 and Cy5, performed CGH and extracting probes showed either aberration. Identification the chromosomal location of the probe. Probes adjacent to the probe with aberration were set at high density. The candidate probes in one family was designed in a single 4x 244k or 8x 60k oligo-microarray and performed secondary screening. Extracting the flanking probes showed either aberration when labeled with Cy3 and Cy5 and identification the chromosomal location of the probe. Finally, we performed TaqMan® Copy Number Assays to verify the mutations.