Computational protocol: A novel non-sequencing approach for rapid authentication of Testudinis Carapax et Plastrum and Trionycis Carapax by species-specific primers

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[…] Fifteen mitochondrial genome sequences of five species, including Chinemys reevesii (Accession No.: NC_006082.1, AY676201.1, FJ469674.1, KJ700438.1), Trachemys scripta (Accession No.: NC_011573.1, FJ392294.1, KM216749.1), Mauremys sinensis (Accession No.: NC_016685.1, FJ871126.1, KC333650.1), Pelodiscus sinensis (Accession No.: NC_006132.1, AY687385.1, AY962573.1) and Apalone ferox (Accession No.: NC_014054.1, FJ890514.1), were used as targets. SuiTab. areas for designing species-specific primers were identified by DNAMAN software (v., and species-specific primers for Chelonia species identification were then designed using Oligo software (v. 7.60). Primer sets were evaluated by Oligo and online NCBI Primer-BLAST (). All the primers were then synthesized by Sangon Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Species-specific primer sets and their characteristics are summarized in . Specificity testing with each primer set in the PCR assays was performed against five selected samples (). Figure 3. […]

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Software tools DNAMAN, Primer-BLAST
Application qPCR