Computational protocol: Investigation of Reference Genes in Vibrio parahaemolyticus for Gene Expression Analysis Using Quantitative RT-PCR

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Protocol publication

[…] Expression data for the reference genes were obtained in the form of threshold cycle (Ct) values. The amplification efficiencies and correlation coefficients were calculated using ABI 7500 Software v2.0 (Applied Biosystems). The stability of reference genes was evaluated using four software programs: GeNorm v.3.5[], NormFinder [], BestKeeper [], and comparative Delta CT method [] algorithms. All analyses were carried out using standard setup configurations. Based on the rankings from each program, RefFinder ( was used to assign an appropriate weight to each gene and calculated the geometric mean of the weights to provide an overall final ranking. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools NormFinder, BestKeeper
Application qPCR
Organisms Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Homo sapiens
Diseases Gastroenteritis, Sprains and Strains