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Computational prediction of ADMET properties and adverse effects is an effective method to minimize the risk of late-stage attrition and reduce the number of safety issues. This method is now well established as a reliable and cost-effective approach to assist the drug discovery process. Computational models are used to focus medicinal chemistry efforts into the suitable chemical space; to connect, use and extend experimental data; to minimize the number of compounds to be synthesized; as well as to obtain a favorable biochemical and/or physicochemical profile (Dearden, 2007; Gleeson et al., 2011; Gleeson et al., 2012; Moroy et al., 2012; Raunio, 2011; Gleeson, 2008; Leeson and Springthorpe, 2007; Lipinski, 2000; Price et al., 2009).

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Source text:
(Legehar et al., 2016) IDAAPM: integrated database of ADMET and adverse effects of predictive modeling based on FDA approved drug data. J Cheminform.

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