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SDAP / Structural Database of Allergenic Proteins
A web server that provides rapid, cross-referenced access to the sequences, structures and IgE epitopes of allergenic proteins. SDAP contains information about the allergen name, source, sequence, structure, IgE epitopes and literature references and easy links to the major protein (PDB, SWISS-PROT/TrEMBL, PIR-ALN, NCBI Taxonomy Browser) and literature (PubMed, MEDLINE) on-line servers. The computational component in SDAP uses an original algorithm based on conserved properties of amino acid side chains to identify regions of known allergens similar to user supplied peptides or selected from the SDAP database of IgE epitopes. This and other bioinformatics tools can be used to rapidly determine potential cross-reactivities between allergens and to screen novel proteins for the presence of IgE epitopes they may share with known allergens.
A database to collect in a single web-based resource basic and clinical information, and data about any allergenic organism and its molecular structures capable to induce an IgE-mediated disease. Allergome main goal is to collect a list of allergenic sources and molecules by using the widest selection criteria and sources. A further development of the Allergome platform has been represented by the Real Time Monitoring of IgE sensitization module (ReTiME) that allows uploading of raw data from both in vivo and in vitro testing, thus representing the first attempt to have IT applied to allergy data mining.
ADFS / Allergen Database for Food Safety
Gathers information about allergenic proteins relevant to food safety. ADFS contains information on allergen names, sources, sequences, structures, domains, IgE epitopes, and literature references. This site also provides sequence searching tools that allows users to find sequence homology of a certain protein or peptide related to allergens (protein, epitope search). It includes about 2111 allergen sequences, 227 epitope-known allergens, 155 structure-known allergens and 132 sugar-attached allergens.
AllergenPro / NABIC AllergenPro database
An integrated web-based system providing information about allergen in foods, microorganisms, animals and plants. AllergenPro has the three main features namely, (1) allergen list with epitopes, (2) searching of allergen using keyword, and (3) methods for allergenicity prediction. AllergenPro outputs the search based allergen information through a user-friendly web interface, and users can run tools for allergenicity prediction using three different methods namely, (1) FAO/WHO, (2) motif-based and (3) epitope-based methods.
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