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  • Mammals
    • Bos taurus
  • Primates
    • Homo sapiens
  • Rodents
    • Mus musculus
    • Rattus norvegicus
  • Vertebrates
    • Danio rerio
    • Gallus gallus


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Human Kidney‐Derived Cells Ameliorate Acute Kidney Injury Without Engrafting into Renal Tissue

Stem Cells Transl Med
PMCID: 5442715
PMID: 28375556
DOI: 10.1002/sctm.16-0352

[…] Cruz Biotechnology,, sc‐25619), anti‐human nuclei (1:200, Millipore,, MAB 1281), anti‐IL10 (1:200, Abcam, ab9969), anti‐megalin (1:200, Acris antibodies,, DM3613P) followed by incubation with the secondary antibodies Alexa Fluor488‐coupled goat anti‐rabbit IgG, Alexa Fluor 633‐coupled goat anti‐mouse IgG1, Alexa Fluor 647‐coupled goat an […]


Amnion Epithelial Cells Promote Lung Repair via Lipoxin A4

Stem Cells Transl Med
PMCID: 5442827
PMID: 28371562
DOI: 10.5966/sctm.2016-0077

[…] ith anti‐FPR2 antibody at 1:100 (NSL1878; Novus Biologicals, Littleton, CO, and anti‐F4/80 antibody at 1:200 (MCA497; Bio‐Rad Laboratories, Oxford, U.K., with an overnight incubation at 4°C. Secondary antibody incubation was performed at room temperature for 1 hour, followed by nuclear stain with 4′,6‐diamidino‐2‐phenylindole (DAPI) for […] reviews

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