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LibBP / Library of Binding Protein scaffolds

A computational framework for finding desirable binding protein scaffolds by utilizing protein structure and sequence information. For each protein, its structure and the sequences of evolutionarily-related proteins were analyzed, and spatially contiguous regions composed of highly variable residues were identified. The analysis results for all 4,818 monomer structures can be accessed in the database section of our web server. The collective information for the proteins is displayed as a table.


Offers visualization of the information relevant to selection of immunogen peptide sequences AbDesigner identifies optimal immunizing peptides for antibody production using a peptide-based strategy. It includes commonplace measures, such as conservation, hydropathy, possible modification sites, transmembrane domains. It also provides specialized display of 3D structural information from the Protein Data Bank (PDB), allowing users to view all information extracted from UniProt and PDB databases interactively.