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Antibody humanization software tools | Immune system data analysis

Antibody humanization software tools | Immune system data analysis

Different methods have been developed for increasing the mAbs ‘degree of humanness’ (Abhinandan and Martin, 2007) by replacing parts of the original non-human antibody with the corresponding human counterparts. This process is generally referred as ‘humanization’ and takes advantage of the particular architecture of the antibody molecule (Almagro and Fransson, 2008; Padlan, 1994). The molecules generated by such humanization procedures may partially or completely lose affinity for their intended antigen; this can be usually restored by re-introducing specific and case-dependent native residues in the humanized molecule through an experimental trial-and-error procedure going under the name of ‘back-mutation’ phase.

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Source text:
(Olimpieri et al., 2015) Tabhu: tools for antibody humanization. Bioinformatics.

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