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Antibody microarray data analysis software tools

Antibody array is a technology that use antibody-covered surface such as chips to detect protein concentration in a given sample, often biofluids. Specific tools are required for data analysis, from pre-processing and quality control to data interpretation.

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PAA / Protein Array Analyzer
Provides a comprehensive toolbox and an adaptable workflow for protein microarray data analysis (esp., ProtoArrays). PAA provides a complete data analysis workflow including preprocessing and quality control, uni- and multivariate feature selection as well as several different plots and results tables to outline and evaluate the analysis results. As a main feature, PAA's multivariate feature selection methods are based on recursive feature elimination (e.g., SVM-recursive feature elimination, SVM-RFE) with stability ensuring strategies such as ensemble feature selection. This enables PAA to detect stable and reliable biomarker candidate panels.
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