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A repository of experimentally verified anticancer peptides (ACPs) and anticancer proteins. Data were manually collected from published research articles, patents and from other databases. A user-friendly web interface has been designed to query the database. Various tools have been integrated, which facilitate data retrieval, search and analysis conveniently. The mobile version of this database can be accessed at http://crdd.osdd.net/raghava/cancerppd/mobile/cancerppd/.
CancerPDF / Cancer Peptidome Database of bioFluids
Offers comprehensive information on naturally occurring peptides in the biofluids of cancer patients and their expression status. CancerPDF is an online resource that integrates various web-based tools to facilitate users in extracting and analyzing data. This database also stores the peptides that are differentially regulated and uniquely found in different types of cancer. It can be used for identification of cancer biomarkers from proteomics data of biofluids.
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