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Antigen-antibody interaction databases | Immunology system data analysis

Antigen-antibody interaction databases | Immunology system data analysis Antibodies (Abs) are an important class of molecules used in research and increasingly as therapeutic agents to treat human diseases. Therapeutic antibodies have certain advantages over small molecules or other protein therapeutics, such as longer serum half‐lives, higher avidity and selectivity, and the ability to invoke desired immune responses. Antibody paratopes—the parts of antibodies that interact with the target antigen—can recognize almost any biomolecular target, with a large range of specificities and affinities. Knowledge of the structure of an antibody–antigen or antibody–receptor complex provides insight into how the antibody recognizes its binding partner and can guide the process of antibody design. To increase the amount of relevant binding data available for computational method validation some databases of antibody–antigen, antibody–effector, and antibody‐like protein complexes with known structures has been developped. A database enables computational benchmarking studies of existing methods and can thereby be used to drive improvements in modeling methodology.
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