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The Pacific Biosciences RSII instrument is able to directly detect methylation from untreated DNA at both known and previously unrecognized motifs by analyzing polymerase kinetics (Flusberg et al., 2010) in long sequence reads. For 5-mC, alterations in polymerase kinetics are subtle and spread over several bases, effectively precluding direct single-molecule detection (Beaulaurier et al., 2015).

Source text:
(Beaulaurier et al., 2015) Single molecule-level detection and long read-based phasing of epigenetic variations in bacterial methylomes. Nat Commun.
(Flusberg et al., 2010) Direct detection of DNA methylation during single-molecule, real-time sequencing. Nat Methods.

Source text:
(Simpson et al., 2017) Detecting DNA cytosine methylation using nanopore sequencing. Nat Methods.

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