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Molecular Rift
Allows creation of a virtual reality environment. Molecular Rift combines a real virtual reality (VR) experience with a natural and interactive way of controlling the computer. The software is divided into two parts: one traditional start menu (no VR) and one VR environment for the visualization and interaction with molecular models. The realistic 3D effects offered by the VR demonstrate potential when investigating various molecular systems. Molecular Rift aims to bring virtual reality to drug designers cross the globe.
Interacts with large bio-macromolecules at atomistic level. ChemPreview is an augmented reality app that could be used to visual representation of a protein using hand gestures in real three-dimensional (3D) space. It allows users to (i) build molecule by hands or importing a PDBML/XML file, (ii) modify the current structure by adding and deleting atoms, (iii) adjust the current structure by moving, rotating atoms, (iv) measure the distance, angle and dihedral, and (v) operate multiple atoms together.
Converts (bio)molecular structures into ready-to use input models for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) platforms and 3D printers. RealityConvert generates 3D (bio)molecular models encoded using standard file formats (obj and mtl) that allow deployment and import in the vast majority of AR and VR programs as well as 3D printing tools. The software can be useful for research and teaching purposes, could contribute to boost the development of AR/VR contents, and help both students and researchers when browsing and exploring complex biomolecular objects.
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