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For over 30 years, computational methods have been developed for facilitating epitope recognition (El-Manzalawy and Honavar, 2010). In the past, the majority of the in silico methods were focused on linear epitopes. Most of these approaches are sequence-based and use amino acid-based propensity scales, such as hydrophilicity, solvent accessibility, secondary structure and flexibility; a score derived from the propensity scales is assigned to each residue, and the whole sequence is examined for high-scoring window fragments, which are then predicted as epitopes (Hopp and Woods, 1981; Parker et al., 1986; Pellequer et al., 1991; Emini et al., 1985; Karplus and Schulz, 1985; Kolaskar and Tongaonkar, 1990; Welling et al., 1985).

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Source text:
(Dalkas and Rooman, 2017) SEPIa, a knowledge-driven algorithm for predicting conformational B-cell epitopes from the amino acid sequence. BMC Bioinformatics.

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