Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 24
Release date: Aug 1 2013
Last update date: May 14 2015
Access: Public
Diseases: Brain Neoplasms, Melanoma, Neoplasms, Tuberculosis, Lymph Node, Leukemia, T-Cell
Dataset link Gene expression profiles of tumor-positive sentinel lymph node biopsies from cutaneous melanoma patients

Experimental Protocol

Cutaneous melanoma patients undergoing SNB biopsy in 2001-2004 with available 5–year follow-up clinical data were selected. Data relative to 752 cases was extracted, 80% (n= 603) with a negative SNB and 20% (n=149) with SNB positivity for melanoma metastases. The latter underwent regional lymphadenectomy by CLND and 30% (n=44) resulted positive for melanoma metastases at non-sentinel regional lymph nodes while 70% (n=105) resulted negative. Analysis of follow-up data showed that disease recurrence at 5 yrs occurred in 9% SNB negative patients, 14% of the patients with positive SNB resulting negative at CLND, and in 57% of the patients with positive SNB resulting positive at CLND, consistent to the range of previously reported rates (Santinami M 2009, Balch CM 2009). In order to exploit gene expression profiles to unravel molecular modifications occurring in SNB from patients with progressing disease we selected two groups of cases representing the extremes of the survey, i.e. patients positive at CLND (stage IIIB-C) recurring within 5 years follow-up (SNB-PP), and patients negative at CLND (stage IIIA-B) and non-relapsing at 5 years (SNB-PN). In addition, a group of negative SNB patients without disease recurrence at 5 years was selected and analysed for comparison as tumor negative SNB (SNB-N).










Loris De Cecco