Computational protocol: Improving seedless kelp (Saccharina japonica) during its domestication by hybridizing gametophytes and seedling-raising from sporophytes

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[…] If applicable, observations were expressed as mean ± SD. The significant difference among a group of means was determined through ANOVA with SPSSv.17.0 ( The significant difference was accepted if p ≤ 0.05. The morphological similarity of a trait was also described with variation index defined by Zhang et al. (2007), i.e. standard error/ mean. The Nei’s original measure of genetic distance of a gametophyte combination and the genetic parameters (Na, Ne, He, Ho, H among others) were calculated using Popgene 32 ( and Genepop ( In kelp farming practice, the air dry yield was deduced from air dry weight of blade. The number of blade per hectare was assumed to be 180,000, thus estimated yield per hectare = blade dry weight × 180,000. Yield increase = [(the yield of Dongfang no. 7 − that of control)/that of control] × 100. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SPSS, POPGENE, Genepop
Applications Miscellaneous, Population genetic analysis
Organisms Saccharina japonica, Squatina japonica