Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 59
Release date: Feb 8 2011
Last update date: Jan 18 2013
Access: Public
Diseases: Congenital Abnormalities
Dataset link Comparison of genomic, morphological, and behavioral responses among fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas ) and zebrafish (Danio rerio) to acute RDX exposure

Experimental Protocol

Three-day-old fathead minnow (FHM, Pimephales promelas) or Zebrafish (ZF, Danio rerio) fry were exposed to either control water or one of six concentrations of RDX (0.9, 1.9, 3.8, 7.5, 15, or 27.7 mg/L) in 96-h exposures. However, microarray analysis was only performed on FHM exposed to 0, 0.9, 1.9, 7.5, or 15 mg/L RDX and ZF exposed to 0, 0.9, 1.9, 3.8, 7.5, or 15 mg/L RDX due to insufficient tissue for microarray analysis due to animal death at the other RDX concentrations. The experimental design was based on the U.S. EPA (2002) acute testing method for P. promelas, test method 2000.0 and included four replicates per treatment with ten fish per replicate. Whole fish (10 fish per replicate) were investigated for differential expression in response to RDX exposure.