Computational protocol: Model‐driven design of a minimal medium for Akkermansia muciniphila confirms mucus adaptation

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Protocol publication

[…] Escherichia coli K12 NagB (NP_415204.1) and GlmS (NP_418185.1) amino acid sequences were used to identify enzymes that can mediate the formation of GlcN6P from Fru6P in Akkermansia (taxid:239934). This was performed by selecting best bidirectional blastp (protein‐protein BLAST) hits between both genomes (Altschul et al., ). Analysis was performed on February 10, 2017. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BLASTP, DELTA-BLAST
Application Amino acid sequence alignment
Organisms Homo sapiens, Akkermansia muciniphila
Diseases Metabolic Diseases
Chemicals Carbon, Nitrogen