Computational protocol: Physiological Epidermal Growth Factor Concentrations Activate High Affinity Receptors to Elicit Calcium Oscillations

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[…] Kinetics of signals from responsive cells ( and ) were obtained by averaging all cell signals, synchronized at the time of the first rise in fluorescence, for 150 s.To determine the effect of extracellular Ca2+ on EGF responses (), an average signal was generated from the entire single-cell signals over the 300 s time frame and an average curve was superimposed in bold on individual traces.Statistical analysis was performed according to the distribution properties of the data, by rank Wilcoxon and Mann–Whitney tests, Fisher's exact test (for contingency table analysis), Gaussian fitting procedure (all conducted using SigmaPlot 11.0, Jandel Scientific), with p <0.001 considered to be statistically significant. Figures were prepared using SigmaPlot, Igor Pro, and Adobe Illustrator CS5. Unless otherwise stated, data distributions are presented as median values. Box and whisker plots are represented with the first and third quartiles at the ends of the box, the median is indicated by a horizontal line in the box, the 5th and 95th percentiles are marked with a bar at the ends of the whiskers and outliers are shown as open circles. Statistical significance of p<0.001 and p<0.0001 are indicated on graphs by the use of ***, and **** symbols. […]

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Software tools SigmaPlot, Adobe Illustrator
Application Miscellaneous
Chemicals Calcium