Computational protocol: Junb controls lymphatic vascular development in zebrafish via miR-182

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[…] Data are expressed as mean ± SD or SEM. Statistical analyses were carried out using SigmaPlot 12.3 (Systat Software Inc). The following statistical analyses were applied throughout the manuscript and were also specifically indicated in the respective figure legends: Limma for microRNA microarray analysis (For complete procedure, please refer to ), unpaired Student’s t-test for quantitative qRT-PCR analysis and for pairwise comparisons of percentage vISV of control versus experimental group; Mann-Whitney U-test for PL and TD quantifications. Mann-Whitney U-test was chosen to compare two rank sum tests of two experimental groups. Results were considered statistically significant for P < 0.05.For further details on experimental procedures, including, CRISPR/Cas9 Zebrafish Mutant Generation, T7E1 Mismatch Assay, High-Resolution Melting Analysis, quantitative morphological analysis, RNA isolation and analyses, whole-mount in situ hybridization and whole-mount immunofluorescence staining please refer to . […]

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Software tools SigmaPlot, limma
Applications Miscellaneous, miRNA array analysis
Organisms Danio rerio
Diseases Neoplasms