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A relational database that offers, in an organized and computable form, updated knowledge on transcriptional regulation in Escherichia coli K-12. Its electronic format enables researchers to compare their results with the legacy of previous knowledge and supports bioinformatics tools and model building. Major changes to the overall navigation and structure of the main pages have been made, offering more structured access to the data, based on the two dominant types of users: biologists, usually conducting individual search queries, and those interested in data collections.

BSRD / Bacterial Small Regulatory RNA Database

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Provides a bacterial sRNA repository. BSRD characterizes sRNA in large-scale transcriptome sequencing projects. This database offers to users functional descriptions for sRNA and contains annotations from manually curated literature mining like groth phase, Hfq binding and Rho-independent terminators. Large-scale target search prediction of identified sRNA is also available, and it includes more than 9000 sRNA entries from up to 900 bacterial strains.


Allows a user-friendly and comprehensive comparative analysis of small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) from available sequenced gram-positive prokaryotic replicons. Offline versions including analysis and visualization tools facilitate complex user specific bioinformatics analyses. sRNAdb offers biologists an easy access and analysis to both proprietary and public data and allows the identification of a core set of sRNAs which can be used as putative drug targets in antimicrobial therapeutic approaches as well as specific sRNAs for potential diagnostic markers for the detection of gram-positive bacteria.


An integrated and comprehensive database comprising plentiful information about small non-coding RNA (sRNA). The sRNAMap provides a variety of interfaces and graphical visualization to present the plentiful information of sRNAs. Users can submit keywords or sequences to search the database. For each sRNA gene, the database provides the sequence, the genomic location, promoter information, secondary structures, literatures, annotations, expression profiles, sequence conservation and its transcriptional regulatory network. Additionally, the sRNAMap has the regulator/sRNA page and the sRNA/target page which provide the experimental conditions and the regulator/sRNA regulations and sRNA/target regulations.

ECSBrowser / Escherichia coli Small RNA Browser

Provides an overview of small RNA (sRNA) in E. coli. ECSBrowser is a comprehensive screening for E. coli sRNAs using a deep sequencing approach. It shows that many as-yet-undiscovered sRNAs are encoded in the E. coli genome. This browser contains the deep sequencing data and detail information about both the novel candidate sRNAs and previously known sRNAs. Furthermore, candidate sRNAs predicted by various methods in the previous studies are also integrated in this browser.