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Base calling software tools | Sanger sequencing data analysis

Base calling is the process by which raw data from the sequencing instrument is converted to nucleotide sequences. This is performed by base calling software that is usually run from the instrument itself. As we have seen, sequencing instruments generate raw data in different forms (fluorescence intensity, electrical impulse, etc.), and therefore base calling is specific to the particular platform being used.

Source text:
(Duncan et al., 2017) Next-Generation Sequencing in the Clinical Laboratory. Diagnostic Molecular Pathology.

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ODS / Online Diagnostic System
Analyses the Sanger sequencing data and provides an easy-to-use one-step solution for genetic testing data analysis. ODS seamlessly integrates base calling, single nucleotide variation (SNV) identification, and SNV annotation into one single platform. It also allows laboratorians to manually inspect the quality of the identified SNVs in the final report. ODS can significantly reduce the data analysis time therefore allows Sanger sequencing-based genetic testing to be finished in a timely manner.
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