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pyBASIS / Bioinformatics for mAss Spectrometry Imaging in augmented Systems pathology

Processes mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) data for information recovery and comparative analysis across tissue specimens. pyBASIS is a platform allowing reproducible and tailored processing of large scale MSI datasets of hundreds of tissue specimens. An open-source imzML data import enables the use of MSI data from different systems. The software also enables the integration of experimental laboratory data with downstream bioinformatics interpretation/analyses.

MITICS / MALDI Imaging Team Imaging Computing System

Serves for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) imaging. MITICS is composed of MITICS Image for data processing and images reconstruction and MITICS control for data acquisition. This tool is workable with all type of data whatever the instrument used for both data acquisition when necessary. It uses two different interfaces: one to load all the spectra from each run into a single database, and the second to reconstruct and display interactively the molecular images of interest.