Computational protocol: Hierarchically Ordered Self‐Assembly of Amphiphilic Bifullerenes

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Protocol publication

[…] Single particles were collected from the digital data (see above) using the boxer module from the EMAN software package. Data processing, namely alignment steps, image averaging, multivariate statistical analysis, classification etc., was performed in the context of the IMAGIC 5 software package (Image Science GmbH, Berlin, Germany). [...] Modelling procedures were performed with Chem3D Pro 12.0 from the ChemBioOffice 2010 suite (PerkinElmer Informatics, Massachusetts, USA). Resulting PDB files were Gaussian filtered at a resolution of 21 Å employing the pdb2vol module from the SITUS program package. Finally, 2D projection images were calculated (using the IMAGIC‐5 software package) 18 to create projection images of the 3D models. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools EMAN, IMAGIC, Situs
Applications cryo-EM, Protein structure analysis
Diseases Blood Platelet Disorders