Computational protocol: Langerian mindfulness, quality of life and psychological symptoms in a sample of Italian students

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[…] The factorial structure of the LMS was analyzed with a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), with a maximum-likelihood estimation method []. Internal consistency of the scale was assessed with Cronbach’s alpha. General LMS scores, as well as subscales, were correlated with the other outcome variables by Pearson’s r. The CFA was conducted using the package Lavaan for R (version 3.1.2), while the other statistical analyses were performed using SPSS software v.22. We compared a single-factor model with a three-factor model, based on the original LMS structure. We also tested a hierarchical model with a second order factor that was related to the three identified sub-scales. Goodness of fit was assessed with the following criteria: comparative fit index (CFI) > 0.9, standardized mean square residual (SMSR) closer value to 0, root mean square of approximation (RMSEA) value < .08 and the smallest AIC/BIC when comparing two or more models []. […]

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Software tools lavaan, SPSS
Application Miscellaneous
Diseases Langer-Giedion Syndrome