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Unique identifier OMICS_08731
Name BEI Resources
Alternative name Biological and Emerging Infections Resources
Restrictions to use None
Maintained Yes


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Immunogenicity and Protection Against Influenza H7N3 in Mice by Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Vectors Expressing Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin or Neuraminidase

Sci Rep
PMCID: 5876369
PMID: 29599502
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-23712-9

[…] (ELISA) for the detection of specific immunoglobulin G (IgG) responses to H7 was developed and optimized using recombinant H7 protein of A/Anhui/1/2013 (H7N9) produced in baculovirus (Cat. #NR-45118; BEI Resources, Manassas, Virginia). Immulon 2HB plates were coated with the recombinant H7 protein at 1 µg/mL in PBS, and stored at 4 °C overnight. Excess coating solution was removed from plates, and […]


Efficient and Scalable Precision Genome Editing in Staphylococcus aureus through Conditional Recombineering and CRISPR/Cas9 Mediated Counterselection

PMCID: 5821094
PMID: 29463653
DOI: 10.1128/mBio.00067-18

[…] mental material. S. aureus strain ATCC 29213 () was obtained from the American Type Culture Collection and S. aureus N315 () from the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository (BEI Resources). S. aureus strain N315ex w/o ϕ, from which the ϕ phage has been deleted (), was a generous gift of Kazuya Morikawa (University of Tsukuba). Clinical S. aureus strains, each originating […]


Whole Genome Sequences of Zika Virus FLR Strains after Passage in Vero or C6/36 Cells

Genome Announc
PMCID: 5786684
PMID: 29371358
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.01528-17

[…] cells.The ZIKV FLR strain was originally isolated from the blood of a human in Barranquilla, Colombia, in December 2015 and was passaged twice on C6/36 cells prior to BEI deposit and a third time at BEI Resources (NR-50183) (). For this study, parental ZIKV FLR stock virus was first passaged on Vero (ATCC CCL-81) or C6/36 (ATCC CRL-1660) cells. Subsequently, biological clones were isolated by thr […]


Novel inhibitors targeting Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus capsid protein identified using In Silico Structure Based Drug Design

Sci Rep
PMCID: 5735092
PMID: 29255256
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-17672-9

[…] Vero cells grown on coverslips in a 6-well plate were processed for immunofluorescence analysis as previously. Antibodies used were anti-VEEV-C protein (BEI Resources, NR-9403) goat primary antibody (1:1000 dilution) and Alexa Fluor 568 donkey anti-goat secondary antibody (1:500 dilution). Slides were imaged using an oil-immersion 60X objective lens o […]


A deep sequencing approach to estimate Plasmodium falciparum complexity of infection (COI) and explore apical membrane antigen 1 diversity

Malar J
PMCID: 5732508
PMID: 29246158
DOI: 10.1186/s12936-017-2137-9
call_split See protocol

[…] included in downstream sequencing library preparations. Sequencing control samples contained P. falciparum DNA from V1S, RO33, Dd2, 7g8, and K1 strains at 5, 10, 15, 30, and 40 percent, respectively (BEI Resources/MR4, Manassas, VA).Ion Torrent library preparation was conducted following the “Preparing Short Amplicon (< 350) Libraries Using the Ion Plus Fragment Library Kit” manual (Life Technolog […]


Composition and variation of respiratory microbiota in healthy military personnel

PLoS One
PMCID: 5720755
PMID: 29216202
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0188461

[…] equenced by using a Roche 454 GS FLX+ system and reagents (Roche 454 Life Sciences Corporation, Branford, CT, USA). Genomic DNA from Microbial Mock Community A, Even, Low Concentration (HM-278D v3.1, BEI Resources) obtained as part of the Human Microbiome Project [], was diluted 10 times and used as a positive control for PCR and pyrosequencing of 16S amplicons.The pyrosequencing data analysis pip […]


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