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The omicX platform guarantees reproducibility and high-quality patient care by identifying the most robust and stable software tools, databases and methodologies. What’s more, it can be used to track down experts and keep an eye on emerging best practices to optimize your analytical pipelines and promote medical decision-making.

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Looking to identify usage trends or leading experts?

How bioinformaticians use omicX

Waste no time identifying bioinformatics tools and databases

Discover the well-established and robust bioinformatics tools and databases used in medical practice.

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Take no risks, make use of the best-in-class computational protocols

Medical decision-making relies on carefully controlled analytical pipelines.

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Make the most of the existing datasets in your biomedical field

Our dataset library facilitates the development of robust solutions by revealing all the existing clinical datasets in your specialist field.

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Benchmark your working tools or protocols to those used by leading centers

Compare your practices to other health institutions to ensure you are providing the best quality patient care.

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Prioritize development activities

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Optimize existing tools to meet new needs or emerging trends.

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Forge new partnerships

Identify, assess and nurture new partnership opportunities with institutions or other tool developers.

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Identify the latest tools for solving emerging issues

Keep your finger on the pulse to familiarize yourself with up-and-coming outlier tools & approaches.

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Pinpoint the leading experts in each field

Knowing who to contact is the best way to improve processes, promote medical decision-making, share knowledge and establish standards.

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Keep track of evolving standards and guidelines

To maximize patient care, it’s important to know what new standards are being adopted by health institutions.

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Monitor new emerging benchmarks

Consult methods benchmarks to ensure you are using the best pipelines to provide quality patient care.

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