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Protocol design
Bioinformatics tools

Seamless data navigation and correlation

Maximizing your research requires access to a wide range of resources – software tools, protocols, databases and datasets – and sophisticated semantics search engine.

A diverse resource base

Since accessing a wide variety of biological resources is such a challenge, omicX set about compiling a best-in-class integrated resource platform. Today, our platform classifies over 30K+ software tools, 10K+ databases, 70K+ protocols and 60K+ datasets.

Meticulous classification and contextualization

Finding your way around the maze of available tools is a complex and arduous task. With the omicX platform, such technical and time-consuming tasks are made simple as our meticulous classification of resources makes it possible to contextualize and prioritize tools.

A diverse Resource base

Powerful smart filters

Our smart search engine correlates information and data sources making it easy to find the right tools, pointers or information. It is also equipped with a powerful range of smart filters that can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Usable for all omics applications