Meticulous contextualization of bioinformatics resources

Capitalize on our wide range of resources - software tools, protocols, databases and datasets – and sophisticated semantics search engine to find exactly what you need and maximize your research.

Finding your way around the maze of available tools is a complex and arduous task.

Seamless data navigation and correlation relies on the careful classification and contextualization of a diverse resource base. With our best-in-class integrated resource platform such technical and time-consuming tasks are made simple.

omicX’s sophisticated semantics engine correlates information and data sources in many exciting biological fields – bioinformatics, cancer research, plant sciences, pharmacology/toxicology, etc - making it possible to contextualize and prioritize tools.
omicX indexed resources:

70K+ protocols

60K+ datasets

30K+ software tools

10K+ databases

Usable for all omics applications