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MDM-Portal / Medical Data Models- Portal

Facilitates sharing of medical data models. MDM-Portal is a registered German and European information infrastructure that provides a multilingual platform for exchange and discussion of data models in medicine, both for medical research and healthcare. The database contains more than 4000 data models. Most contents of the MDM portal were derived from clinical trials and each data model can be tagged with one or several keywords from the MeSH thesaurus.


Gathers evidences and hypotheses that are relevant to the improvement of the culture conditions of obligate parasites. Metagrowth is a knowledgebase with a web interface guiding the user to design new cell-free culture media of obligate parasites. The database contains more than 200 entries for 6 species of bacteria (5 genera). It aims to assist the scientific community working on those pathogens by providing comprehensive information about their culture conditions.

HSC-explorer / Hematopoietic Stem Cell-explorer

Provides a publicly available integrative resource in the field of hematopoiesis. HSC-explorer is a manually curated database collecting literature-derived knowledge about the different hematopoietic stem cell subpopulations and their behavior in repopulation activity, self-renewal and quiescence and how these processes are regulated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The database covers the early steps of differentiation. It aims to present biological findings in form of a comprehensive and intuitive graphical network allowing scientists to explore hematopoiesis in a systems-oriented approach.