Neila Sebais

Exploiting the beauty of big data – accessing information that was inaccessible 10 years ago.

The big data revolution is affecting us all, regardless of our line of business.  So much so, that one of France’s top scientific magazines specializing in new technologies, has just published a full feature on this revolution and how it is affecting life sciences today.   Usbek & Rica interviews a number of experts in a wide variety of fields, including Dr Schoenfelder of the Babraham Institute who says “today, we can look at data that was inaccessible 10 years ago” and Moritz Gerstung of the European Bioinformatics Institute, who adds “big data allows life science practitioners to take much more informed decisions” as well as our own resident experts, omicX founders Arnaud Desfeux et Marion Denorme.  They have come …

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