Review a tool and enter to win an exciting prize

Checking the reviews section has become an integral component of the software selection process. When they are used strategically, positive reviews can really help identify the most accurate solutions.  As a community-driven platform, we need your input to review the must-have tools. Rules are simple: Post a review for a tool and enter to win a tablet. Don’t hang around, the contest ends the 5th of October.

Why is your review important?

Software review is an helpful process to assist developers in validating the quality of a project. It is also a great input for scientists that want to make informed decisions. Reviews offer a double advantage. As a user, you can rapidly identify which tools perform the best based on your peers’ experience. As a reviewer (and prescriber), you can promote your expertise by testing the software and ensuring that it meets the requirements (or not), and build trust in bioinformatics research.

What is a good review?

To be helpful, a review should point out the positive and negative features, discuss the performance and ease of use of a program. So make sure you thoroughly highlight the full extent of the functionalities and their benefits. Also don’t forget to mention what you consider can be improved, and to discuss ways to fix it to help developers improve the quality of the software.

An example of a review for limma software

How to participate in the contest?

  • Sign in to your account (or sign up for free)
  • Find your favorite tools
  • Click on “write a review” to give it a rating and provide your feedback

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The prizes

The winners will be announced by e-mail.

Prize draw

The prize will be drawn on a semi-random basis. All reviews made throughout the duration of the competition will be entered in the draw. So the more tools you review, the greater your chance of winning!

Review eligibility criteria

The OMICtools team will evaluate all reviews from a quality perspective. Before being entered in the draw, the reviews, which are anonymized throughout the selection phase of the draw, will be classified by order of quality. Only those presenting a true scientific interest for the scientific community will be eligible.

Data storage

The data collected during this contest will be processed to ensure the competition is implemented fairly. Data will be saved in a file from which the competition winners will be identified and contacted. Our marketing team will have the right to exploit the data throughout the duration of the competition. Each participant’s first name and last name will be recorded, along with the tool(s) evaluated, and the content and the date of submission of the review(s). Access to these data is password-protected.


Data will be kept for their scientific value and will be stored on our SI with restricted access (available only to individuals authorized to administer the website). We reserve the right to delete the entire contents of any reviews including any defamatory, racist or xenophobic text. In conformance with the French data protection act (“Informatique et Libertés”), you can exercise your right to access your data, and correct or delete your data by contacting us at the following email address: [email protected].


By participating, you agree to the conditions of the game, including our privacy policy.