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DataOnTools #3: Economics of tool development

Like any other research field, bioinformatics and software development are highly depend on funding. By extracting grants and other funding sources from tool publication, we provide a new insight on the economics of tool development.   Funding is a critical aspect of tool development. We ranked the sources of funding agencies associated with a total of 12,761 published tools to assess the top 20 tool-funding agencies worldwide (Figure 1). Nearly half of all published tools were funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the National Science Foundation (NSF), both US-based agencies.     Countries’ themselves take a critical role in funding research through national grants. Indeed figure 2 shows a high correlation (r=0.81; p<0.0001) between a country’s research …

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omicX raises €2.6 million to upgrade the OMICtools platform

The French startup omicX, creator of the OMICtools platform dedicated to researchers and bioinformaticians, has signed a new €2.6 million fundraising agreement with a Swiss-based private investment bank, Normandie Participations and Bpifrance. The digital transformation of science has seen breakthrough innovations in biology and technology, generating ever-increasing volumes of data. The development of bioinformatics tools for storing, processing and sharing massive volumes of biological data is the fastest growing field in biomedical sciences. Democratizing bioinformatics Arnaud Desfeux, PhD in Neurosciences, founder and CEO of omicX, recognized early the need to make these tools more readily accessible for researchers, as well as the value of an interconnected and accessible community of bioinformaticians, tool developers, and researchers. “In today’s context of an …

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