Computational protocol: Bedside Lung Ultrasound During Acute Chest Syndrome in Sickle Cell Disease

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Protocol publication

[…] Data were analyzed using the IBM SPSS Statistics 19.0 statistical software package (SPSS, Armonk, NY) and R 2.15.2 (The R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria). Continuous data were expressed as median (25th–75th percentiles) or mean ± standard deviation, as appropriate, and compared using the Mann–Whitney test. Categorical variables, expressed as percentages, were evaluated using the χ2 test or Fisher exact test. Correlations were assessed with the Spearman rho correlation coefficient. We tested the performance of reviewed bedside CRs and LUs for detecting lung parenchymal and pleural abnormalities associated with ACS, using CT scan as the reference. The agreement between imaging modalities and between blinded readers of LU recordings was estimated using the Cohen chance-corrected κ coefficient and compared using the cocor package. The agreement evaluation of scores assessing lung loss of aeration was performed according to the methods devised by Bland and Altman, with estimation of bias and limits of agreement by using CT as the reference. Two-sided P values <0.05 were considered significant. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SPSS, cocor
Applications Miscellaneous, Computerized tomography scan imaging
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Anemia, Sickle Cell, Lung Diseases, Pleural Effusion, Acute Chest Syndrome
Chemicals Oxygen