Computational protocol: Genetic diversity of 15 autosomal short tandem repeats loci using the AmpFLSTR® Identifiler™ kit in a Bhil Tribe Population from Gujarat state, India

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[…] An estimation of allele frequencies distribution and other forensic parameters, including power of discrimination (PD), power of exclusion (PE), and matching probability (MP), polymorphism information content (PIC), and typical paternity index (TPI), were calculated using PowerStats software version 1.2.[] (Available on Population's genetic structure deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE), observed heterozygosity (HO) and expected heterozygosity (HE) were calculated using Arlequin v3.1.[] Allelic frequencies from samples of the present study and other Indian's as well as International populations shown in were employed to generate the neighbor-joining (NJ) phylogeny tree based on Fst distances using POPTREE2 software: Naoko Takezaki, Masatoshi Nei, and Koichiro Tamura (Available on[] These Fst distance were utilized to generate a NJ phylogeny tree using the same software. The robustness of the phylogenetic relationship calculated by the NJ tree was assessed using 1000 replications bootstrap analysis. Graphical representation of genetic distance (Fst) of the population in this study along with seven national and 10 international populations were performed based on Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCA) plot using GenAlEx software v6.3.[] […]

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