Computational protocol: Differential Conservation and Divergence of Fertility Genes boule and dazl in the Rainbow Trout

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[…] The PCR products of the 808-nt boule cDNA, 706-nt dazl cDNA and 1.2-kb vasa cDNA were cloned into pGEM-T vector, resulting in pOMbol, pOMdazl and pOMvasa. The inserts were sequenced in both directions on the Applied Biosystems 3130xl (Applied Biosystems, MA). BLAST searches were run against public databases by using BLASTN for nucleotide sequences and BLASTP for protein sequences. Multiple sequence alignment was conducted by using the Vector NTI suite 8. Phylogenetic trees were constructed by using the DNAMAN package. […]

Pipeline specifications

Application Phylogenetics
Organisms Oncorhynchus mykiss, Oryzias latipes
Diseases Azoospermia