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[…] All PIB-PET data were preprocessed using SPM12 software ( The first five minutes of data were summed and then a two-pass realignment was performed. All scans were realigned to the summed first five minutes followed and then created of a mean of all those images followed by realigning everything to that mean. PET images were then co-registered to each subject’s structural MRI (which were repeated near the time of each PET scan). PIB DVR images were created using Logan graphical analysis with frames corresponding to 35–90 min after injection and a cerebellar gray matter reference region defined using FreeSurfer version 5.3. Mean DVR values from frontal, parietal, temporal, and cingulate cortices were computed to serve as a global PIB index for all subjects. All subjects were scanned on the ECAT HR for their first PIB scan, four subjects were scanned on the BIOGRAPH for their second scan (the rest on the ECAT HR) and eight subjects were scanned on the BIOGRAPH if they had a third PIB scan. There were no significant effects of scanner type in any of the linear mixed models and we have previously shown PIB measurement on these different scanners to be equivalent (). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SPM, FreeSurfer
Applications Magnetic resonance imaging, Functional magnetic resonance imaging
Diseases Alzheimer Disease, Liver Diseases