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[…] ntly been announced , , , . To our knowledge, this is the first report of the genome sequence of a P. cactorum strain. Since our data is derived from a field strain, causing disease under natural conditions, the genome sequence may yield insights into the disease mechanisms employed by this species and thus facilitate the development of control strategies against P. cactorum., P. cactorum was isolated from a diseased European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) in Malmö, Sweden in 2016. P. cactorum strain LV007 was cultured and DNA extracted as described , . Paired-end (36.22 M reads) libraries were sequenced using the Illumina Hiseq2000 sequencing platform at MR DNA Molecular Research laboratory, USA. FastQC tools were used for raw data assessment . Seqman NGEN v12 (DNASTAR) was used for de novo genome assembly. A total of 67.81 Mbs were assembled into 15,567 contigs (mean coverage, 133 ×). QUAST was used to assess assembly quality (N50: 5788 bps; N75: 3102 bps; L50: 3034; and L75: 7067; Longest contig: 140,075 bps; Number of contigs > 25 kb: 138; Number of contigs > 10 kb: 1277). The assembly of P. cactorum was evaluated by BUSCO for completeness based on a set of 1438 common fungal genes as benchmark universal single-copy orthologs (BUSCOs). 805 complete genes, 201 fragmented and 432 missing BUSCOs were found in this draft assembled genome sequence for this strain. The gene predictor Geneid ( predicted 21,876 genes using the previously sequenced plant pathogenic relative, P. infestans as a training model., Primary annotation of predicted sequences revealed 9989 sequences having pfam domains. SignalP analysis predicted 1516 secretory proteins of which 257 are catalogued as RxLR class effector proteins and 15 proteins grouped as predicted crinkler (CRN) class effectors. CAZy proteins have been explored as described , : Glycoside hydrolases (603), glycosyltransferases (766), carbohydrate binding modules (596), polysaccharide lyases (120), and carbohydrate esterases (71). Redox enzymes (56) were also identified., The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest., We are grateful to L. Vetukuri for collecting and isolating P. cactorum strain LV007. This work is supported by research funds from Swedish Research Council Formas (2014-430), the Swedish Foundation for Strategic […]

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