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Computes simultaneously both sarcomere shortening and variation of cytoplasmic calcium in confocal microscopy. SarConfoCal is used to analyse scanlines and multi-channel (fluorescence and transmission) from Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM) images of myocytes, then it plots the fluorescence signal and the sarcomere length of each line versus time. It uses the generally untapped information from the transmitted light of the laser, the latter being recorded simultaneously with fluorescent calcium dye signal. Its strength lies in its simplicity of use: myocyte contraction and calcium transient can be simultaneously evaluated with a single laser scanning confocal microscope, whereas such experiments usually require costly and dedicated experimental devices.


Offers a platform of pre-processing image tools. Scintillate is an open source software that allows users to evaluate time-series calcium imaging. It was developed with the aim of complementing the existing acquisition and pre-processing systems. The application includes a set of methods for detection and visualization of images. It can estimate the value of the sample being viewed, assess the viability of the preparation in seconds, spare microscope time, lamp hours and reduce distress to the subject.