Computational protocol: Functional interactions as a survival strategy against abnormal aggregation

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[…] To predict the fibrillogenic segments of Josephin, we considered the bioinformatics methods Aggrescan, Tango, Waltz, Pasta, and Zyggregator, all accessible through Web servers (, –). Aggrescan data were normalized by running the program on all sequences available in Swiss-Prot and taking the resulting highest a4vAHS value as the maximum aggregation propensity value. For Waltz, we used the “high-specificity” threshold, providing less false positives (). Aggregation-prone surfaces were calculated using the Zyggregator method, as discussed by Pechmann et al. (). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools AGGRESCAN, TANGO, PASTA, Zyggregator
Application Protein physicochemical analysis
Organisms Homo sapiens
Diseases Blood Platelet Disorders, Machado-Joseph Disease
Chemicals Amino Acids