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A wavelet-based image-analysis software providing a fast automatic detection scheme for circular patterns (spots), combined with the precise estimation of their size. SpotCaliper is able to automatically find spots of varying size, and gives a precise measurement on their radius. The detections are collected in a table, displaying the following parameters: unique identifier (ID) of the spot, its location (x and y coordinates), radius, confidence, contrast, SNR and type. It is implemented as an ImageJ plugin with a friendly user interface. The user is allowed to edit the results by modifying the measurements (in a semi-automated way), extract data for further analysis. The fine tuning of the detections includes the possibility of adjusting or removing the original detections, as well as adding further spots. The main advantage of the software is its ability to capture the size of spots in a fast and accurate way.
TLA / Time Lapse Analyser
A free, cross-platform, open source software for high throughput time-lapse data processing for live cell imaging. TLA is a graphical tool which enables easy access to high-throughput live cell imaging for every user, regardless of the individual expertise. Beginners can easily process stacks of time-lapse data by loading an appropriate image processing setup and time-lapse evaluation setup. Advanced users can modify existing setups, or create new setups which suit their need and special experimental conditions.
Assists in quantification of zebrafish neuronal cells. This tool consists in four stages: (1) it produces a diffused gradient vector field; (2) it calculates a response image; (3) it performs non-maximum suppression on the response image and spots detection candidates; (4) and it groups the detected objects into clusters based on their color information. This tool can be applied to different data samples such as cell death detection, immunohistochemistry, and nuclear staining.
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