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Contains a set of human and fly genes encoding proteins that are localized in the centrosome, either as centrosome constituents or as centrosome visitors. Genes have been considered as centrosomal on the basis of different kinds of evidences including high-throughput proteomics assays, annotations in public databases and orthology relationships to centrosomal genes in closely related species (e.g. mouse). For each of these genes we have compiled information from various sources such as Ensembl, OMIM, HPRD, Flybase, SNPs, GeneOntology or Compara, among others.
Maintains a list of gene entailing in telomere maintenance (TM). TelNet provides to user information about type of TM mechanism the gene is involved. Several data are available as well as telomere specific knockdown phenotype or general cellular. It helps to work about TM networks in cancer for diagnosis, prognosis or therapy response prediction. Regarding each gene literature linking, this gene to TM features is listed. The database is curated by researchers from the consortium, as scientists studying on telomeres.
An online resource for the kinetochore and its related proteins. KinetochoreDB provides comprehensive annotations on 1554 related protein entries in terms of their amino acid sequence, protein domain context, protein 3D structure, predicted intrinsically disordered region, protein-protein interaction, post-translational modification site, functional domain and key metabolic/signaling pathways, integrating several public databases, computational annotations and experimental results. KinetochoreDB provides interactive and customizable search and data display functions that allow users to interrogate the database in an efficient and user-friendly manner. It uses PSI-BLAST searches to retrieve the homologs of all entries and generate multiple sequence alignments that contain important evolutionary information. This knowledgebase also provides annotations of single point mutations for entries with respect to their pathogenicity, which may be useful for generation of new hypotheses on their functions, as well as follow-up studies of human diseases.
Covers a gamut of sequence and other related information about telomeric patterns and repeat sequences, centromere sequences and patterns present in chromosomes. TeCK includes telomerase ribo-nucleoprotein complexes information, as well as centromere DNA-binding protein complexes, centromere binding protein and a collection of kinetochore-associated proteins. It holds several data as name, function, or sequence, and allows to study and analyze this data to find utility in control of cancer and ageing.
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