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TRACMIT / TRACking and analyzing cells on micropatterns through MITosis

Allows image analysis. TRACMIT permits to automate the chromatin feature extraction of mitotic cells grown on micropatterns. It allows screening of live imaging data sets for novel candidates regulating mitotic processes, such as spindle positioning. The tool can select micropatterns that contain exactly one cell, while incorporating pre-processing, tracking, data filtering and visual validation. It offers a way to monitor and quantify cell division features.

LM / LineageMapper

Serves for time-lapse images of biological cells, colonies, and particles. LM is a program useful for detecting 2D dynamic single cell behaviors: migration, mitosis, cell death, cells within sheets, and cells moving with high cell-cell contact. This tool includes three mains skills: (1) operates on segmented masks; (2) uses biological properties measured from the segmented images to detect mitosis; and (3) uses the overlap information between current and past frames to identify and separate cells mistakenly segmented.


Enables cell lineage tracking. MicrobeTracker utilizes cell shape and timelapse information to achieve cell outlining. It can track fluorescently labeled molecules in cell lineages over several generations or in difficult-to-resolve samples, such as densely-packed or filamentous cells, from time-lapse sequences. This tool is delivered with an accessory tool, called SpotFinder, that detects small round spots, generating precise cell coordinates of fluorescently labeled foci inside cells.