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DISCO / Data Informed Segmentation of Cell Objects
Segments and tracks budding yeast cells. DISCO is a comprehensive framework structured into several stages for integrated identification, segmentation and tracking of cells: (i) identification of physical features of the microfluidic device, (ii) supervised classification to identify cell centers, (iii) segmentation using a morphologically constrained cell-shape model, (iv) incorporation of temporal information to refine cell center prediction and (v) iterative greedy optimization of cell contours.
Enables cell lineage tracking. MicrobeTracker utilizes cell shape and timelapse information to achieve cell outlining. It can track fluorescently labeled molecules in cell lineages over several generations or in difficult-to-resolve samples, such as densely-packed or filamentous cells, from time-lapse sequences. This tool is delivered with an accessory tool, called SpotFinder, that detects small round spots, generating precise cell coordinates of fluorescently labeled foci inside cells.
CASA / Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer
Allows analysis of fish sperm. CASA can generate reproducible and quantitative measurements for fish sperm. The software facilitates rapid assessment of percent motility, velocity and other descriptors. It has been employed for several tasks: in determination of sperm variability among males; cryo-preservant effectiveness; the effects of heavy metals, quantification of differences in duration and initial speed between sperm of bluegill adopting different reproductive tactics; and elucidation of the effect of various ions on path curvature of trout sperm.
TRAgen / Track generator
Generates 2D image sequences that show simulated living cell populations. TRAgen creates GT-enabled image sequences with vast amounts of cells highlithing several tracking events, such as cells moving and changing shape, cells having contact and overlapping, and cells splitting due to cell division. It is primarily designed to operate at inter-cellular scope, and works with 2D masks of all common biomedical shapes, including those of nuclei and cells themselves.
TLA / Time Lapse Analyser
A free, cross-platform, open source software for high throughput time-lapse data processing for live cell imaging. TLA is a graphical tool which enables easy access to high-throughput live cell imaging for every user, regardless of the individual expertise. Beginners can easily process stacks of time-lapse data by loading an appropriate image processing setup and time-lapse evaluation setup. Advanced users can modify existing setups, or create new setups which suit their need and special experimental conditions.
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