Computational protocol: Inhibition of elongin C promotes longevity and protein homeostasis via HIF‐1 in C. elegans

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Protocol publication

[…] Modeling of C. elegans ELC‐1 and human TCEB1, a homolog of elongin C, was performed by using SWISS‐MODEL ( (Biasini et al., ), based on the crystal structures of mammalian VHL–elongin C–elongin B complex and SOCS3–elongin B–elongin C complex (Stebbins et al., ; Babon et al., ). Structures were revisualized and aligned using PyMOL ( (Schrodinger, ). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools SWISS-MODEL, PyMOL
Databases ExPASy
Application Protein structure analysis
Organisms Caenorhabditis elegans
Diseases Protein Deficiency
Chemicals Oxygen