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UCSF-FDA TransPortal / University of California San Francisco–Food and Drug Administration TransPortal
A drug transporter database of pharmacologically relevant transporters to support development of new pharmaceuticals. Information about important transporters, localization, expression levels, substrates, and inhibitors have been curated from the literature and compiled into a single location to aid and inform drug developers, regulatory agencies and academic scientists about transporters important in drug action and disposition.
IDAAPM / Integrated Database of ADMET and Adverse effects of Predictive Modeling
Integrates available approved drug data such as drug approval information, Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, Toxicity (ADMET) and adverse effects, chemical structures and molecular descriptors, targets, bioactivity and related references. IDAAPM is categorized into four major groups: (1) Approved drugs information, structure and physico-chemical properties; (2) ADMET properties; (3) Adverse effects; (4) Target and affinity data. Currently, IDA2PM contains 19226 FDA applications data for 31815 products, 2505 drugs information (structures, molecular descriptors and ADMET), 2.5 million drug-adverse effect pairs, 3382 targets and 36963 binding affinity data.
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