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A comprehensive online database of all SSRs (Simple Sequence Repeats) or STRs (Short Tandem Repeats) or Microsatellites from all sequenced Chloroplast and Mitochondrial genomes available so far across all the clades of life. SSRs are considered as important genomic elements and play a major role in the understanding the underpinnings of the evolution, linkage analysis and species discrimination. ChloroMitoSSRDB 2.0 provides a wide accessible platform for accessing the microsatellites patterns using the IMEx (Imperfect Microsatellite Extractor) and MISA and along with the primer pair information for the same. Additionally, the present version of the web-servers also allows the users to analyze the whole genome, genes and also NGS reads for the identification of the SSRs.
Provides information of all the three types (perfect, imperfect and compound) of simple sequence repeats (SSRs). In accordance with the growing interest in SSR studies, ChloroSSRdb will prove to be a useful resource in developing genetic markers, phylogenetic analysis, genetic mapping, etc. Moreover, it will serve as a ready reference for mined SSRs in available chloroplast genomes of green plants. ChloroSSRdb is a relational database developed using SQL server 2008 and accessed through ASP.NET.
ChloroplastDB / Chloroplast genome DataBase
An interactive, web-based database for fully sequenced plastid genomes, containing genomic, protein, DNA and RNA sequences, gene locations, RNA-editing sites, putative protein families and alignments. Over the next few years, as the number of sequenced chloroplast genomes increases rapidly, the tools available in ChloroplastDB will allow researchers to easily identify and compile target data for comparative analysis of chloroplast genes and genomes.
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